Medical Services

SWGeriatrics brings the medical office to the patient in the privacy of the patient’s current place of residence. We travel to the patient’s home, whether that be a home, an assisted living facility, adult care home, or hospice. Most importantly, our highly skilled Nurse Practitioners are experienced in handling older adults’ physical and emotional needs.


Labs / X-Rays Ordered To Be Done In The Home

We collaborate with mobile lab and x-ray services to bring as much care to the home as possible.

Comprehensive Exams

Detailed Review of Patient History (including health care maintenance issues)

Diagnose, Manage and Treat Multiple Acute and Chronic Conditions

Examples are but are not limited to; dementia, hypertension, chronic pain, skin ulcers, diabetes, COPD, renal disease, and hypothyroidism.

Disease Prevention

End-of-life Health Decisions Support

We’re experienced with coordinating with end-of-life care. We will write orders for Hospice services, communicate with Hospice nurses, coordinate care including ordering oxygen, diabetes supplies, etc.

patient-education (1)

Patient Education

Referral and Ordering of Home Medical Equipment

Treatment Discussion

Treatment options are discussed, considering the patient’s individual needs.